The Project

IDEANNOVASHIP – Innovate and Ideate for Social Entrepreneurship

The IDEANNOVASHIP project aims at developing a specific training programme for young people based on the skills to promote social entrepreneurship. At the same time, the project wants to “train the trainers “so that the training programme can be spread in different institutions, outside the partnership. The main objective is to increase the employability of young people in Europe through the promotion and creation of new social enterprises in the partner countries. More generally, the project aims at helping young people overcome their fears and motivate them to be protagonists of their working lives.


  • Piloting the Ideate and Innovate Camps in different countries so to evaluate the differences among the participant countries
  • Developing a sustainable network of universities, companies, NGOs and associations working for youth
  • Contributing to the “Agenda for new skills and jobs” by: 1. improving flexibility and security in the labour market, 2. Equipping young students and NEETs with the right skills for the jobs of today and tomorrow, and 3. improving the conditions for job creation
  • Creation of a Facilitator Training Programme on Social Entrepreneurship (FTPSE)


  • Guideline for organizing “Innovative Ideation Camps”
  • 2 trainers selected by each partner organisation will be trained by the experts from partner organisations as facilitators on the methodology to develop these IDEANNOVASHIP Camps for youth. At the end of the training programme, the 10 workers will be able to organise and facilitate ideation camps for young people in their countries.
  • Pilot Innovative Ideation Camp: During five days a pilot “Ideate Camp” will be conducted with eighteen young people coming from the six partner countries
  • IDEANNOVASHIP´s Audiovisual Manual.


  • Coordinator: NAMCB National Association of Municipal Clerks in Bulgaria (Bulgaria)
  • Centro per lo Sviluppo Creativo Danilo Dolci (Italy)
  • GEA College – Fakulteta za podjetnistvo (Slovenia)
  • IBOX CREATE (Spain)
  • Antalya International Universityn (Turkey)
  • University of Thessaly (Greece)

Funding institution

DG Education and Culture – Erasmus+ Programme, KA2 Strategic Partnerships for Youth

Project duration

01/03/2016 – 28/02/2018